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Continuous Power/CHP

Kinsley Energy Systems (KES) provides complete eco-friendly, prime power energy systems from 1.8 MW to 4MW

The benefits of Continuous Power/CHP typically include:

  • Cost Savings - lower overall energy usage
  • Sustainable - reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reliable - reduce downtime & grid reliance
  • Price Stability - protection from energy pricing fluctuations

Gas Turbines

KES is the distributor for OPRA turbine in the Mid & Eastern U.S.  The OP16 radial turbine providing 1.85 MW of power and has several unique differentiators including:

  • Low Emissions
  • High Efficiency
  • Fuel Diversity
  • Low BTU fuels (bio-gas, syn-gas)

OPRA Turbine Brochure
OP16 Standard and custom Packages

Single or multiple OP16 units can effectively cover installations from 0.5 to 10 MW electric power demand.

More about Opra Turbines