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Nov 07

The KD Series: A New Industrial Generator Line from KOHLER

By: Patti Stewkesbury


KOHLER generators have recently unveiled the KD Series, the newest line of generators powered with their advanced KOHLER diesel engines. This new line is ideal for facilities with power needs which are consistently evolving and becoming more demanding. The KD series is ideal for use in virtually every industrial power segment and you’ll be certain to benefit from the world-class KOHLER quality.

KOHLER went through six years of research and development to create their new product. During this time, each component was designed and tested in their laboratories to offer the best performance while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of KOHLER’s new KD Series product.

Smooth Running

KOHLER’s new G-Drive engine runs smoothly, quietly and with little vibration, even under extreme operating conditions. This helps to extend service life and deliver cost-effective performance for years to come.

Optimized Performance

KOHLER’s G-Drive engine’s architecture, injection system, and engine management have been designed and created to achieve optimal generator set performance.

Fuel Efficiency Improvements

The rail fuel system generates up to 2200-bar injection pressures for maximum efficiency. This helps to optimize combustion pressure curve through multiple injections, producing industry-leading kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while also delivering top-of-the-line fuel consumption.

Control And Maintenance

All KD Series generators come packed with integrated controls for seamless communication. The KD series proudly offers remote monitoring through a VPN connection. KD series generators run optimally and are easy to maintain with easy-access bearing lube points, coolant level optical gauges on both circuits and oil replenishment systems.

Best Suited For These Industries:

  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Water Treatment
  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities

When you opt for a KOHLER generator, you can rest assured knowing it’s backed by a premium warranty and factory support, paired with Kinsley's knowledgeable, factory-trained service technicians. Plus, Kinsley has KOHLER Genuine Parts available through the northeast, so you’ll always get the parts you need quickly.

Kinsley is offering Lunch-and-Learn seminars to help you explore the new KD Series large diesel generators and can also help customize a system that meets your facilities specific needs.  Contact us at info@kinsley-group to schedule your free seminar.

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