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Sep 20

Top Reasons Why Your Industrial Generator Won’t Start

By: Kinsley Power


It’s important for your business to keep people safe and operations running. For this reason, the event of a power outage can significantly harm your business in more ways than one. An industrial generator is meant to provide additional power to your property from an external source, which is why it’s vital to ensure your generator is in proper working order as well knowing troubleshooting techniques if your having problems getting the generator started. Read this article further to learn more about the top reasons why your industrial generator won’t start. 

Generator Maintenance

Test All Switches

If you seem to be having trouble with any of the switches (power switch, start switch, safety switch) try testing each one for deficiency. The best way to do so is by utilizing a multimeter test. This test will help you determine why the switches may not be functioning correctly.

Check The Spark Plug

If your generator is not functioning correctly or won’t start, the first troubleshooting technique is to analyze the spark plug. Make sure the spark plug is securely fastened as it can easily become loose. Also look for signs of wear and tear on the spark plug as fixing the issue may simply require replacement. However, if you see more serious signs of damage including the plug drenched in oil, you have a more serious issue and should consider calling your Energy Solutions Supplier who can help service your generator issues. 

Test The Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is what sends power to the spark plug while the generator is running. After checking the spark plug, test the ignition coil for deficiency. If this is the part having issue, it is typically an inexpensive and easy fix.

Troubles With The Carburetor

Generators are there when needed but are not typically used on a daily basis. For this reason, issues with the carburetor are common as the machine sits for a while before being used. The generator may not be starting because the carburetor is clogged with leftover fuel. When fuel is left in the generator, overtime some of the elements will have evaporated with the others becoming thicker and preventing the generator from starting. 

Air Filters May Need Replacement

The generator’s engine needs air for combustion of the fuel. Check the air filter and clean if it’s dirty. The air filter and the choke work together so if the air filter doesn’t need to be replaced, make sure the choke is in the proper position for starting the motor. Not having the choke in the proper position can prevent the engine from starting in colder weather.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

To keep your industrial generator in optimal working condition, here are some preventative maintenance tips:

  • Make sure to always shut off the gas and let the engine slowly turn off on its own. This will prevent the carburetor from getting clogged.
  • Have extra of smaller generator parts such as spark plugs, ignition coil and fresh gas. If an issue occurs with one of these parts, you’ll already have a backup ready, which is especially important in case of an emergency.
  • You should be testing your generator once a month for functionality.
  • Have your generator professionally serviced annually. Your technician will also be able to provide advice and tips if your generator needs to be serviced.

Kinsley Power Systems 

As the exclusive distributor of Kohler Power Systems solutions in Western New England, Kinsley focuses on the specification, sales, service and rental of permanently installed generators, transfer switches, and switchgear (from 8.5kW home systems to 3.25MW industrial generators).

Our goal is to ensure that your system performs when you need it. Kinsley Power offers customized preventive maintenance programs and extended warranties for all customers - hospitals and cable companies and factories and homeowners alike. Kinsley services all major make and model generators, transfer switches, switchgear and PTOs. Kinsley also offers such specialized services as load bank and infrared testing.

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