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Aug 15

Keep The Lights On With A Kohler Residential Standby Generator

By: Patti Stewkesbury


Power outages and blackouts are nothing new to homeowners; however, the intensity of damaging storms in our area has been constantly rising. For those who witnessed the devastation caused by storms like Hurricane Sandy, there is no doubt in the importance of maintaining electrical power. During times of emergency, distressed customers often sweep retailer’s shelves bare. A Kohler residential standby generator will provide the power your home needs and the comfort you deserve, knowing you won’t be taking on the next storm alone.

What Is A Residential Standby Generator?

A residential standby generator provides a staunch resolution during times of power outage. Differing from portable generators, these machines are permanently installed on a concrete pad on the outside of your home or business and will provide uninterrupted power for the duration of the outage. You can count on these machines to deliver high quality power to your entire infrastructure without harming electronics. Kohler residential standby generators are extremely reliable, quiet and backed by an incredible 5-year warranty. Quickly and safely returning power to your home has never been easier!

How It Works

You know what it does. Do you know how it works? Let us explain.

First of all, you should know what an ATS is. ATS stands for Automatic Transfer System. This system will regularly monitor the amount of power coming from the utility. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that the power levels are maintained. When power drops below an acceptable level, also known as a brownout, the ATS will signal the generator to start up. Thanks to Kohler’s design, your residential standby generator will kick on within 10 seconds or less!

Unlike competitor’s products, the Kohler PowerBoost™ technology allows your generator to handle a large starting load such as central air conditioners without cutting power to other appliances, which can result in product damage.

In our corner of the world, power outages can at times, last for several days. Inside of every Kohler generator you will find a commercial-grade engine built to keep your house comfortable for as long as you are without power as long as sufficient fuel is provided. When the time comes for utility power to return, the Automatic Transfer Switch will automatically transfer your power from the generator back to the utility. From there, your Kohler residential standby generator will power down and ready itself for the next power outage. Aside from refueling, our generators do all the work themselves! Enjoy the next storm from the comfort of your own living room!

Is a Kohler Residential Standby Generator Right For Me?

Damaging storms have become more and more frequent here in the Northeast. Bad weather and an aging power infrastructure have left our residents in the dark too frequently. Preparing your home with a residential standby generator is a decision to keep your home and loved ones safe and comfortable during an outage. Below are some of our top reasons for purchasing a standby home generator:

  1. Shelter In Place

Kohler standby generators are permanently installed. Unlike a portable generator that requires you to go outside, set up, and manually start, these machines will switch both on and off using the systems ATS.

  1. Automatic Transfer Switch Does The Work

The level of fuel available limits portable generators during a power outage. Every residential standby generator installed by Kinsley-Group is equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch. This switch will ensure the safety of both homeowner as well as utility worker, preventing wires from being charged in a back feed situation.

  1. Peace Of Mind

Our home generators are wired into your homes electrical system, requiring no setup and minimal maintenance after one of our certified team members completes the installation. The stress and panic caused by inclement weather is greatly reduced when you are able to feel confident that your Kohler generator will protect your home and family.

  1. Electronics

For some, losing power to their residence can be reason for a bit of R&R. For others, it can create times of panic. As many of us now depend on electronics to complete our everyday tasks, an extended outage can create problems. A Kohler residential standby generator allows power to be safely restored to ALL of your electronics including basement sub-pumps.

  1. Minimize Business Closures

Consider a Kohler standby generator one of your most valuable employees! The ability to keep your business open during a power outage gives you a great advantage over those who are forced to close.

How To Buy

Now that you’re feeling confident in your choice to purchase a residential standby generator, the next question is, what size? Get a head start by visiting this Home Generator Selector or contacting our team

Kinsley Power Systems

 As the exclusive distributor of Kohler Power Systems solutions in Western New England, Kinsley focuses on the specification, sales, service and rental of permanently installed generators, transfer switches, and switchgear (from 8.5kW home systems to 3.25MW industrial generators). Kinsley's residential sales are through our extensive dealer network of over 150 Kohler-certified dealers with extensive generator expertise.  Locate one in your area here.

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