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Aug 08

5 Reasons CT Businesses Need A Standby Generator For Backup Power

By: Patti Dineen


Employers and employees throughout CT must face the reality of biting winter storms and occasional hurricane force winds that can lead to the loss of electrical power to your business and equipment. A commercial grade generator may just help you stay in business. Continue reading to learn the top reasons why businesses across New England have elected to install commercial generators for backup power.

Maintain Customer Contact

If you install a commercial generator on your businesses’ premises, you’ll be able to resume interactions with your customers on the first day you are able to get back into the office— if you are at the business during a power outage, you will still have access to power too! While other businesses in the area are unable to open because they do not have generators, you’ll be able to call customers to see how they made it through the storm, helping to build valuable goodwill.

Keep Lighting and Security Systems Operational

A commercial generator is equipped with a transfer switch, which means that as soon as a major storm leads to a loss of electrical power, the switch senses that power has gone out. The generator kicks in, continuing to power your business’ lighting and security system, which helps to keep your business and everything within safe from looters.

Looters won’t target a business that still has its lights – and security – operational. Instead, they will target those companies that have gone dark after a power outage.

Avoid Loss Of Important Data

If your business uses computers for day-to-day operations, then they will inevitably be vulnerable to power outages, especially if they don't run on internal batteries. Data stored on the hard drives could be lost in the event of a major storm and resulting power outages. A loss of electricity can cause your computers to lose data that's essential for you to remain in operation, even if you have a regularly scheduled data backup.

The ATS Will Do The Hard Work For You

Unfortunately, portable generators are limited by fuel availability during a power outage, while standby generators are set up with a intuitive power management system and automatic transfer switch. Professionally installed by an authorized Kinsley Power Systems dealer or qualified electrician/licensed contractor, transfer switches protect you. And, they allow you to prioritize cycling power between critical appliances.

Brief Recap: Generators minimize business downtime.

Does your business rely on servers, freezers, or other appliances that could be harmed in the event of a power outage? Save your small business time, worry, and money by helping to ensure the safety and uptime of your most crucial business tools.

Kinsley Power Systems | Protecting Businesses ThroughoutNew England

The installation and regular maintenance of automatic backup power systems is the most efficient way to ensure that power is provided the moment the grid goes down. At Kinsley Power Systems, we take pride in providing our clients with industrial generator sales, repair, and maintenance services. If you have any additional questions or would like to find out details to obtain an industrial generator for your facilities, call us today at (860) 844-6100.


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