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Jun 08

Top Facilities That Benefit From An Industrial Generator

By: Patti Dineen


Consistent access to electric power is a necessity— work, entertainment, comfort, and other daily activities all depend on electric power. So when the power goes out, it’s not only inconvenient, but disruptive as well.
Yet, no one is affected by power loss more than critical facilities, the backbone for community protection and welfare. Critical facilities are subjected to higher-security in comparison to most other commercial buildings. Continuous power for hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency dispatch centers, prison, and data centers is essential. In fact, critical facilities are actually legally required to be equipped with backup power systems so that they are never without power, regardless of circumstance. This post will cover the top four facilities that either benefit from or require an industrial generator.

Emergency Dispatch Centers

Backup power generating systems are critical for dispatch centers, perhaps more so than for any other emergency response operation. Consider this: dispatch centers act as the eyes and ears of the general population, so if their connection to the community is severed as the result of power loss, anyone in need of immediate assistance would be left in the dark.

An uninterrupted power supply is necessary to maintain the use of dispatch center radios, phones, computers and data collection. Industrial backup generators are the safest solution for emergency dispatch centers to maintain communication with their community and other critical facilities in the event of severe power loss.


It is necessary for medical facilities such as hospitals and doctor offices to have immediate access to it, in order to continually maintain care for patients. Without power, lives could be at stake, if emergency scans and tests are unavailable.Without backup power generators, heating and cooling, lighting systems, and life support machinery would all be unable to work correctly.

Endangering the lives of patients by being unprepared is simply not an option.

Police Stations

Emergency power is required by various codes for any services that are essential for protecting people (i.e. Police, Fire, EMT Services). Police stations must be equipped with a backup industrial generator to power their utilities and maintain communication with the public.

This includes (but is not limited to) building lights, phone systems, computers, holding rooms, the dispatch center, and even the records division. Basically, without access to reliable backup power, police stations would be cut off from their community and rendered unable to perform their duties.

Data Centers

Access to reliable redundant power is essential for data centers. Despite the importance of redundant backup power, many data centers have backup power systems that fall short of desirable.

Since businesses rely on data centers for day-to-day operations, outages are costly, though the exact cost depends on the business. In order to create the right system for a data center, it’s critical that you attempt to anticipate future growth and needs.

Ideally data centers must ensure that their generators are properly synchronized with UPS systems so that there is no interruption of service when transferring to generator power. While there are some data centers with low loads that can rely on a uninterrupted power services (UPS) to handle power for a short outage, those systems alone are not enough to handle the growing emergency power needs of today's systems. So, in addition to UPS, most data centers must rely on a backup generator in the event that local utility electricity fails. Even a generator with a sufficient fuel capacity may not be enough to provide truly redundant power, so it is common to invest in a series generators to rely on as a backup in case the primary generator fails.

Kinsley Power Systems

While we believe everyone should be prepared for power loss, critical facilities are required by law to stay operational. The installation and regular maintenance of automatic backup power systems is the most efficient way to ensure that power is provided the moment the grid goes down. At Kinsley Power Systems, we take pride in providing our clients with industrial generator sales, repair, and maintenance services. If you have any additional questions or would like to find out details to obtain an industrial generator for your facilities, call us today at (860) 844-6100.

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