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Dec 28

Why You Should Choose a Permanently Installed Residential Generator

By: Patti Dinneen


When homeowners decide to obtain standby power for their residence, they are quickly faced with an important decision—whether or not they should opt for a portable or permanently installed unit. Portable generators are useful in certain situations, but they don’t stack up well against permanent standby power options, especially in storm conditions. Portable units are noisier and more dangerous than permanent sets, but this is often overlooked, as portable units are the cheaper option. So, what do homeowners stand to gain by choosing a permanent standby generator? This post covers the advantages of purchasing a permanent residential generator.

Generators that are specifically created for residential use can provide many years of protection. Here are some of the exclusive benefits associated with residential generator sets.

  • Many units come with an automatic transfer switch.  Transfer switches are permanently hard-wired to and installed near the breaker panel in your home, effectively solving any back-feeding issues.  Transfer switches monitor electrical supply and have the ability to automatically start the generator within a few seconds of power failure.
  • Residential sets are offered in varying sizes to either power your whole home, or selective electrical loads within your home.
  • A large portion of residential generators are in weather-proof enclosures for protection from the elements.

The Downside to Portables

Portable generators are widely available and cost-effective.  However, they do have some problems that could make them less than ideal for the homeowner, include:

  • They need constant refueling.  Most portables won't run that long without refueling, this can be a particularly difficult problem when area gas stations are also suffering from outages. Fuel can sometimes become hard to obtain during mass outages.
  • They are noisy. Your neighbors won't appreciate the sound of your generator running late into the night, and neither will you!
  • They can be dangerous. If used incorrectly, portable generators can be very dangerous. If you do own a portable, please keep it a safe distance from the home and never, under any circumstances run it indoors!
  • They require physical setup and start which can be especially difficult for an elderly homeowner who may be dependent upon electronic medical equipment.

Why a Whole Home Generator?

Nothing can beat an automatic standby generator for backing up your home, while portables can be a good option in a pinch, an installed system has clear advantages:

  • It will automatically start and restore power in ten seconds. When the signal of an outage is received, your generator will turn on automatically, whether you’re home or away!
  • You will have enough power for your whole home, including critical hard-wired systems like AC, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and large appliances
  • There is no immediate refueling necessary — runs on your home’s natural or LP gas
  • You get high-quality power; portables can often times harm your electronics with unstable power, whole-home systems provide steady clean power. Many homeowners have noticed changes in their refrigerators after running on a low quality portable. The refrigerator can become much louder or have a sudden chronic hum.

Access To Dealer Resources Helps Make the Decision Easier

A reputable and authorized local generator dealer will be able to offer you invaluable resources. For instance, a dealer can help to ensure that you select the correct kW size for your residential set to make sure you have adequate electrical power to meet your needs during a power outage. In addition to that, you will have professional assistance with the complete installation, fuel hook-up and start-up. Finally, you can rest assured knowing that you have a factory warranty from the manufacturer. Essentially, by investing in a permanent set, you are also forming a strategic relationship with your dealer to make sure your home is prepared at all times.

Kinsley Power Systems

Kinsley Power Systems has sold, serviced and rented emergency power systems throughout the Northeastern United States for nearly 50 years.  A repeat KOHLER Power Systems “Distributor of the Year,” Kinsley serves both residential and industrial generator markets with products ranging from 8.5kW residential systems to multiple megawatt commercial packages.

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