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Apr 14

Important Generator Services To Add To Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

By: Patti Dinneen


Industrial generators are a large investment, making it essential to perform maintenance that will extend the lifespan of your facilities’ generator. We offer yearly and biannual preventative maintenance programs; however, we also provide additional services, which can help you to save money in the long-term, while improving the reliability of your system. Adding any of our optional preventative services to your usual generator maintenance program, will help to keep your unit ready for an unexpected outage. Consider it your insurance policy against the unexpected. This blog post covers additional generator services that we recommend to keep your generator in top working condition.

One Time Additional Generator Services

Rodent Screening: We inspect your unit to ensure that rodents can’t gain entry. After all, it could cause your generator great harm if rodents were able to begin nesting within your unit. Our preventative screening ensures no rodent infiltration, and it can also prevent leaves and other associated debris from entering your generator. Though this is a minor investment, it can prevent major repair costs later on down the road.

Extended Warranties: This is a strategic addendum to your maintenance program. We can extend warranties on Kohler Power Systems for a small percentage of the purchase price. The extended warranty will be in addition to the standard one-year parts and labor warranty. If you are going to invest in other additional preventative maintenance services, why not secure your investment with an extended warranty?

Yearly Additional Generator Services

Load Banking: Proper testing of a facility's backup power generation system is one of the only ways to identify generator system weaknesses in the case of unplanned power disruptions. Without regular testing, diesel engines that are regularly run on very low loads – or no load at all – become increasingly unreliable and costly to maintain. The effects include smoky exhausts, carbon build-up, fuel system problems and lubricating oil deterioration, all of which decrease reliability and add to running costs. Our Load bank test will minimize “wet-stacking” on diesel generators, working to ensure that your unit will handle its full kW load.

Fluid Sampling: Your generator’s fuel, oil, and engine coolant all have a major impact on your engine’s performance, reliability, and overall lifespan. We provide fluid sampling with laboratory analysis, allowing us to identify problems like fuel contamination, caustic breakdown of coolant, and sediment in diesel fuel. It’s best to discover these problems before they contribute to generator failure.

Additional Generator Services For Every 2-5 Years

Block Heater Replacement: If your generator runs in a particularly cold climate, this is a necessary service. Your block heater’s life expectance is affected by lack of proper coolant conditioning, evaporation of coolant, and constant operation in cold climates. Typically, block heaters need to be replaced every 2 years if they are run in especially cold climates.

Battery Replacement: We recommend replacing your generator’s battery every three years. Think about it as you would with your car’s battery: over time, reliability and power capacity will greatly diminish. Thankfully, your generator’s battery will likely last for at least three years.

Generator Belts and Hoses Replacement: Your generator’s hoses and belts are created from rubber-based materials that will inevitably deteriorate over time. Deterioration typically takes place within the inside of your generator’s belts and hoses, making it difficult to detect without a trained inspector. Belts and hoses need replacements usually after five years of usage.

Kinsley Power Systems

Our goal is to ensure that your system performs when you need it. Kinsley Power offers customized preventive maintenance programs and extended warranties for all customers - hospitals and cable companies and factories and homeowners alike. Kinsley services all major make and model generators, transfer switches, switchgear and PTOs. Kinsley also offers such specialized services as load bank and infrared testing.

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