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Jun 22

What Are The Benefits Of Load Shedding?

By: Patti Dinneen


In an ideal situation, a reliable and high quality supply of power would be available to guarantee the successful operation of an industrial facility. In reality, the electrical systems of industrial facilities can be subjected to disruptions and outages that have the potential to cause a substantial impact on revenue. In the event of an unexpected outage, it’s important to understand generator load control.

What Is Load Control?

Load control is a tool that helps you to manage the way your business uses electricity and reduces usage when emergency back-up power is necessary. By controlling what areas of the facility are most important to supply with power, load control helps support continued operation during an outage. A load control energy management system provides greater control over what gets powered during an outage or disruption, so that a facility can run at optimal efficiency. Prioritizing critical loads also cuts down on fuel costs for the standby generator and can extend the life of the generator.

Basic Load Control and Load Shedding for Extending Generator Life

The concept behind a load management system is to use power generation equipment as optimally as possible. Engines, especially the ones in generators, like to deliver power. Running without any load is more stress on an engine than running it near capacity. Keeping a generator loaded to about 80% of its possible power output is ideal. To maintain this ideal output level, the generator controller is capable of evaluating the loads and making decisions based on preprogrammed priorities.

What Are The Benefits Of Load Shedding?

  • You can lower your utility rates by cutting down on the inrush associated with transferring back to industrial power loads. High current inrush during the transition back to commercial power often plays a large role in setting your peak-billing rate.
  • Building managers can receive alerts with a recommended action to temporarily manually shed electrical use during an outage. Alternatively, the generator can be set to shed loads automatically in accordance with preprogramed settings.
  • All critical loads will be supported to ensure that essential operations continue without interruption during an outage.

Remember: intelligent load shedding systems need to have the same understanding of the electrical network as the engineer who designed and analyzed them.

Kinsley Power Systems

To keep your generator set working optimally in the event of an outage, it is important to understand load shedding and be aware of non-critical vs. critical loads on your system. Kinsley has experts available to answer your technical questions regarding load shedding, contact us at if you would like additional information.

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