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Apr 06

What To Consider Before Choosing A NY Rental Generator Company for an Event

By: Patti Dinneen


Generators become quite useful and necessary when you are in need of a temporary or emergency power solutions. However, if you need power for a specific event, it is a good idea to rent a generator. There are a variety of events like conferences, festivals, music concerts or even wedding parties, which require temporary power solutions.

Rental generators are also useful for businesses that are hosting outdoor events. Rental generators provide a flexible power source to ensure the success of your event.

A rented generator also facilitates marketing functions like roadshows and public demonstrations. You do not need to be hindered by the cost of purchasing a multipurpose towable generator unit as you can always hire one when need arises.

Before you decide to rent a generator, you should consider several factors. We will discuss some pointers that you should look into if you are planning to rent a generator.

Industry Reputation And Experience

It's the first major pointer to consider when you are renting a generator. You should research the market and choose an experienced generator rental company that has a solid reputation for their rental services. This company should be recognized for many years of hard work and dedication to the industry that indicates a company’s merit and worth.

Look For Certified Electrical Professionals

The generator rental company should have a slew of experienced, skilled and certified electrical employees who are dedicated to fully servicing the generators on site to ensure proper installation, uninstallation, and removal. These seasoned professionals should be able to fix any problems in the rare event generator issues occur.

Company Should Have Multiple Office Locations | Wide Range Of Service Trucks

If you are going to be working with this company and keeping an open line of communication, you should consider whether the rental agency provides enough office locations so that the client can be served with the most convenient location. Also inquire about if the company maintains a vast fleet of delivery trucks to cater to a large number of clients.

Less Maintenance and Downtime

Generators you own need to be serviced by your technicians, and that inevitably leads to increased costs for your workforce and repair parts. On the other hand, when you are renting generators, you are getting the best in terms of well-maintained machines and the latest in high-performance. Be sure to pick a partner who can deliver you a full power equipment rental that includes service and support from trained technicians.

Why Choose Kinsley Power Systems For Generator Rental in NY, CT, New England or Beyond?

If you rent from Kinsley, you receive power systems expertise and knowledge along with an A-class product. We handle a multitude of jobs, from complex high-voltage applications to one-day special events. We also stock thousands of feet of camlocked cable and auxiliary fuel tanks. We offer unique Emergency Power Planning (EPP) services, which ensure the quickest response in emergency situations. There is no obligation necessary for this service, simply provide your information on our EPP Worksheet and return it to us. The details of your site will then be entered into our database and you will be in line to receive the fastest possible response when you need it most.

As the exclusive distributor of Kohler Power Systems solutions in Western New England, Kinsley focuses on sales, service and rental and generators, transfer switches, and switchgear (from 8.5kW home systems to 3.25MW industrial generators).



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