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Feb 16

What Is Fuel Polishing?

By: Patti Dinneen


Does your generator run on diesel? If you haven't kept up to date on maintenance, you may have a tank full of problems right now. Did you know that diesel degrades in quality over time and that sludge is the natural result? If you need to use your generator in an emergency and the sludge is sucked into the fuel filters, the generator can clog and start failing immediately. Don’t worry too much though, there is a cost effective solution: diesel fuel polishing. This blog will discuss some of the basics concerning the benefits of fuel polishing.

How Does Sludge Grow In Diesel Gas?

The main culprit is water, which enters your diesel tank through condensation. The water allows the growth of fungus and bacteria, which can turn your diesel to sludge.

How Does Fuel-Polishing Solve The Issue?

Replacing the entire diesel in your generator is not cost-effective; however, thankfully there is a better solution: fuel polishing.

The process is simple: the fuel tank in question is pretreated with a high quality additive that breaks up any existing sludge. A 200-pound high-pressure pump is maneuvered into position with a dolly and attached to the tank. Contaminated fuel is pulled from the bottom of the tank, processed through a series of filters, and then returned to the top of the tank cleaned and ready for use.

Fuel polishing incorporates three major steps, which are designed in a way to fully ensure that your fuel is free from any bacteria and fungi. There many benefits that you can have after you have embraced fuel polishing. Some of these benefits include:

  • It prevents a large percentage of diesel engine and backup generator failure because it removes microbial development, which is the major cause.
  • Fuel polishing helps in reducing sulfur content in the diesel, therefore making it safe for use.
  • Fuel polishing prevents the damage of the injector parts by use of bio-diesel which removing the moisture which causes corrosion and extreme wear of pit combustion chambers.
  • Fuel polishing helps in controlling mat forming where fungi adhere to the sides and the bottom of the tanks and create a corrosive protective coating therefore corroding everything from the tank walls to the transfer lines.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your next fuel polishing service.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your fuel polishing service. - See more at:
Contact us to learn more or to schedule your fuel polishing service. - See more at:

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