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Jan 12

5 Reasons To Rent a Generator

By: Patti Dinneen


Construction and engineering companies have been known to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new equipment each and every year. While some equipment must be purchased, there are large savings you can achieve simply by renting additional power supply options for your job site.

Not only can you get top-level generators and other power generation equipment when you choose a rental partner like Kinsley Power Systems, but you will enjoy lower costs and less stress. You can gain access to an uninterrupted, clean and affordable power back up that can meet all of your needs. Going the rental route for your power equipment needs can help you in these 5 ways:

Saving Money

Another reason to rent a generator from a top provider is that it can often be cheaper to rent instead of buy. If you only need a generator for a short-term event or project, you don’t want to sink the entire cost of a new generator and then have it sit.

Savings also extends to maintenance, storage and transport of your generator. Generators require maintenance, even if they’re sitting unused. Saving this money means you can target more jobs, no matter what size they are.

Try Before You Buy

What generator do you need for your job site? What load and power is best for your needs? How much are you willing to pay for that first installation? What if you have to bring it back?

There’s no reason to leave these questions only partially answered by purchasing a generator you’re unsure about.

Less Maintenance and Downtime

Generators you own need to be serviced by your technicians, and that inevitably leads to increased costs for your workforce and repair parts. On the other hand, when you are renting generators, you are getting the best in terms of well-maintained machines and the latest in high-performance. Be sure to pick a partner who can deliver you a full power equipment rental that includes service and support from trained technicians.

Responding To Disasters

Renting power generating equipment allows you to quickly and decisively respond to natural disasters that wreak havoc on the area.

Hospitals often have their own backup power, but rented generators have proven to be great disaster response plans by maintaining power distribution. What happens when the basement containing a generator starts to flood? The hospital will switch to rentals not only for its patient power needs but also to maintain the sump pumps that keep the water from damaging its main backup generators.

Even with backup generators, power outages in hospitals during natural disasters can be difficult to prevent. Adding in rentals can ensure all your operations stay safe and dry.

Flexibility For Any Size Job

One of the most useful aspects about renting your generator is that you can rent generators of any size with the right output and the right rating for the particular job. You can size power equipment rentals for your specific project and you will have access to a team of professionals that will help you be certain that you have got the perfect generator for your needs.

Kinsley Power Systems

If you rent from Kinsley, you receive power systems expertise and knowledge along with an A-class product. We handle a multitude of jobs, from complex high-voltage applications to one-day special events. We also stock thousands of feet of camlocked cable and auxiliary fuel tanks. We offer unique Emergency Power Planning (EPP) services, which ensure the quickest response in emergency situations. There is no obligation necessary for this service, simply provide your information on our EPP Worksheet and return it to us. The details of your site will then be entered into our database and you will be in line to receive the fastest possible response when you need it most.

As the exclusive distributor of Kohler Power Systems solutions in the Western New England, Kinsley focuses on the specification, sales and service of permanently installed generators, transfer switches, and switchgear (from 8.5kW home systems to 3.25MW industrial generators).

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