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Dec 22

Top 6 Reasons Why Standby Generators Are Purchased

By: Patti Dineen


Power loss is affecting more homes and businesses throughout the country each year. Are you on the fence about buying or renting a generator to keep your work and household online during the toughest Mother Nature throws at you?

Continue reading for the top six reasons why people purchase a standby generator.

The generator’s automatic transfer switch does the work for you.

Portable generators are constrained by fuel availability during a power output, while Kohler generators are outfitted with a smart, sophisticated power management system and automatic transfer switch. Expertly installed by an authorized Kinsley personnel or qualified electrician/licensed contractor, transfer switches protect your and utility workers’ safety from back feed. And, they allow you to prioritize cycling power between critical appliances like sump pumps, heaters and ventilation systems.

Your sump pumps will stay on.

Is flooding a concern in your business or home? Backup generators power your sump pump during the heaviest downpours.

Standby generators give you peace of mind.

Home generators are wired into your home’s electrical system and require no setup and minimal maintenance once a professional electrician has completed your generator installation. Homeowners can experience tranquility during a storm, feeling confident that their Kohler home generator will protect their family and home!

Business Owners: Generators minimize business downtime.

Does your business rely on servers, refrigerators, or other appliances that could be damaged in the event of a power outage? Save your small business time, worry, and money by helping to ensure the safety and uptime of your most crucial business tools.

It keeps you sheltered and protected during a storm.

Kohler standby generators are permanently installed and always monitoring the connection to utility power. As a result, a home generator by Kohler automatically detects a loss of electricity and fires up. This is different from a portable generator, which requires you to go outside, set up safely, and start manually, regardless of the conditions outside.
Standby generators have a longer runtime than a portable generator.

Portable generators are limited—in power and runtime—by how much generator fuel you have on-hand. Home generators by Kohler are powered by reliable engines and are connected directly to your fuel source, natural gas or liquid propane, allowing prolonged runtime and producing enough electricity to provide your home with reliable backup power.

Consider Purchasing Locally

From installation to service, local generator providers can offer you peace of mind knowing the contractor is nearby for all of your future needs. Kinsley Power Systems services most of New England from various service locations in the Northeast including Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

Kinsley Power Systems

A typical installation takes about 1-3 full days depending on the complications and the demand for generators, so it’s very important to plan ahead of time.

If you rent from Kinsley, you receive power systems expertise and knowledge along with an A-class product. We handle a multitude of jobs, from complex high-voltage applications to one-day special events. We also stock thousands of feet of camlocked cable and auxiliary fuel tanks.

As the exclusive distributor of Kohler Power Systems solutions in the Western New England, Kinsley focuses on the specification, sales and service of permanently installed generators, transfer switches, and switchgear (from 8.5kW home systems to 3.25MW industrial generators).

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