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Dec 08

A Brief Overview of Standby Generator Maintenance

By: Patti Dinneen


Generators  produce and supply your facility with electricity without the benefit of a current from the city’s power grid. Generators can supply a massive amount of power; however, like every other piece of machinery, they are also at risk for damage and need some regular maintenance. Although generator repairs and maintenance can be a burden, this matter is still necessary when you own and use it for emergency power generation.

Generators are complex systems, composed of various different parts. You will require the skills of a licensed and trained serviceman to repair your generator if any errors occur.

Generator Maintenance

Long, prolonged  use of generators over time can provide the necessary knowledge to predict when certain components will fail or need to be serviced. You should work with a local generator dealer/ service center to determine a farily reliable maintenance schedule. Adhering to this schedule will ensure maximum service time for the generator and proper operation when it is called upon to provide power.

The main responsibility of the maintenance contractor would be to inspect systems, study the technical data provided by the generator manufacturer, maintain records, and to take precautionary measures for safety.

Some of the steps to ensure smooth generator operation while carrying out scheduled maintenance include:

  • Timely removal of worn parts or upgrading the components
  • Load bank testing
  • Verifying control panel readings and indicators
  • Changing fuel and air filters
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Battery inspection and cleaning of connections

Small investments made in replacing components and maintaining generator systems on a regular basis can save expensive and unnecessary upgrades or even replacement of the entire generator in the future.

What is Fuel-Polishing?

This is an important question: does your generator run on diesel? If you haven't keept up to date on maintenance, you may have a tank full of problems right now. The main culprit is water, which enters your diesel tank through condensation. The water allows the growth of fungus and bacteria, which can turn your diesel to sludge.

Replacing all the diesel in your generator is not cost-effective; however,  thankfully there is a better solution: fuel polishing.

Fuel polishing treats your diesel with an additive that breaks up any sludge in your tank. The fuel is then processed through filters and returned to your tank, clean and ready to use.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your fuel polishing service.

Kinsley Power Systems: Service

Our goal is to ensure that your system performs when needed. To that end, Kinsley Power offers customized preventive maintenance programs and extended warranties for all customers - hospitals and cable companies and factories and homeowners alike.

Kinsley services all major make and model generators, transfer switches, switchgear and PTOs. Kinsley also offers such specialized services as load bank and infrared testing.

The quality of our technicians is a driving reason for our success as a business. We have the best field service personnel in the industry. Our service teams take ownership, care and pride in their work. In addition, they are some of the best trained and most knowledgeable in the industry. We give our technicians extensive in-house training and keep them updated through factory-run service schools.

One feature that distinguishes Kinsley service is that all of our technicians are power generation specialists. They work on generators, transfer switches and switchgear day in and day out. We never dispatch engine mechanics or electricians - our service technicians have training on the whole system.

For information about service quotations, please email:
Aftermarket Sales.

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