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OPRA Turbines

Kinsley is an authorized distributor for OPRA Turbines

OPRA provides gas turbine generator sets for customers world-wide within the industrial, commercial, oil and gas, and marine sectors.

OPRA's 2 MW class OP16 gas turbine is of an industrial, all-radial design which provides robustness, reliability, highest efficiency in class and ultra low emissions. Dual fuel and off-specification fuel options are also available.

Complete gas turbine generating sets are engineered to meet customer specific requirements both for land based and offshore applications.

Single or multiple OP16 units can effectively cover installations from 1.8 to 10 MW electric power demand.

OPRA's turbine-generator sets are characterized by:

  • Unique low emissions combustion technology
  • Fuel flexibility (gas, dual fuel and multi-fuel capabilities)
  • Highest efficiency in power range
  • Simple, robust and low cost design
  • Low operational and maintenance cost
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Worldwide applicability for a multitude of applications
  • Unique proprietary product ensures minimum 30 year product life